Roberta Spartá

Languages: English (fluent) Italien (native language)

Profil von Roberta Spartá

Birth 1983
Height 5’8’’
Build slim
Hair brown
Eyes blue
Film Ritual Gloria-supporting Esperimento Cinema Cose dell altro mondo Supporting Francesco Patierno The Muppets featured James Bobin Without Words Supporting Miguel Bocanegra Got Flix?! Lead Alessio Schiazza Women lie , Men lie Supporting Robert Resendez Appunti di un regista su alcune giovani attrici Supporting Roger Fratter The Dead Girl Lead Alessio Schiazza C-Kret Supporting Miguel Bocanegra Q Supporting Skiter Jones
Television Through the wormwhole lead host : Morgan Freeman Aftermath with William Shatner supporting prod Tracy Wares
Theater Sex, Relationship and Sometimes Love Lead Joelle Arqueros Dearly Departed Supporting Scott Reineger Maybe Tuesday Supporting Tim Landfield Seven Deadly Sins Lead Chris Berube Eight Shades of Alice Lead Layon Gray
Performance Skills Improvisation, Host, Voiceover
Athletic Skills Volleyball, Snow Skiing, Aerobics, Tennis, Fencing, Equestrian, Swimming, Cycling
Accents Italian, British, German, Spanish
Spoken Languages German, Latin, Italian, Spanish, French
Musical Instruments Flute
Dance Modern, Salsa