German Actors Agency


Beatrice Lamprecht is the founder of the full service talent agency GERMAN ACTORS AGENCY® and she had adequate educations in Master of Bachelor in Business (Event Management/Marketing) a education as an makeup artist and actress. She has worked for over 10 years as executive assistant in the operative management in large reputable company in the computer industry among other things in development and marketing in executive Management and has unlimited growth potential of creative!

GERMAN ACTORS AGENCY ® pioneering fundamental idea became foundet in the year 2009. Pioneering work and Global Thinking increases the reach of our communications. We wanted to set a clear signal that we take our leadership seriously and feel responsible for the wellbeing and for the rights of artists work. The Agency insists on the cooperation of the actors to the conditions, compensation and benefits improve in the future, to effective, unified voice for the rights of artists. Focused. The entertainment industry is changing we work hand in hand with major agencies, production houses and management companies in the world – It’s a living, breathing, moving, changing thing!

GAA leading the way with representing including German Actors, Native Speaker and International Talents who work in theater, film and digital movies and television programs, commercials, industrial, Internet and all new media formats. GAA Management has an outstanding division representing some of the best up-and-coming newcomer´s. With extensive global connections. German Actors Management assists with the placement of actors in projects in Germany and internationally. We also have planed in the future – excellent in-house facilities to audition and submit actors for projects, using the latest technology to send auditions worldwide. GAA Management achieves the highest standard of representation, promotion and quality submissions. The dedicated Freelance Team at GAA Management has extensive professional experience across all sectors of the entertainment industry, event management, public relations and media liaison. With principal offices in Munich and in the future Los Angeles, we represent clients in most areas of the entertainment industry including motion pictures, television, animation, theater, radio and television commercials, hosting and broadcasting, and all forms of narration. Contact us and variety of talent available to you on our roster can suit your current needs. For further information please send us a email germanactorsagency@hotmail.de